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Bookworm Mia finds herself inexplicably on a summer road trip with soulful musician Derek in this book about how forgiveness & love can heal; inspired by Ed Sheeran songs.

Mia Phillips

She’s a bookworm who’s focused on running the family car dealership & paying penance for the one thing that went wrong in her life. She’s not looking for any adventures & is determined to never make her mama cry again.


Quote that should be about her:

To me, there are saints every day. They stand up and help others and live for others and do things for others. —Theodore Melfi


Favorite Food: any baked sweet

Favorite Color: green

Favorite Place: anywhere with a book

Favorite Song: Perfect, Ed Sheeran

Biggest Regret: The kidney…enough said.

Derek Waters

He’s a soulful musician with words and music in his heart. Johnny Cash is his idol and he has his words tattoo'd on his wrist. He’s good at pushing people out of their shells and getting them to take adventures they never saw coming.


Quote that should be about him:

I always thought of words as art supplies.

—Douglas Coupland


Favorite Food: pizza

Favorite Color: green

Favorite Place: onstage

Favorite Song: Little Bird, Ed Sheeran

Biggest Regret: Holding on to the grudge with his father.

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