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The AWARD WINNING NOVEL that started the my life as an album series.

Loving you was a race I was determined to win.”

They said we were soulmates…and we were. Even the stars agreed. But fate did not…


Tomboy Cam Swayne is determined that football hero, Jake Phillips, keeps his eyes firmly on her. After all, she’s been his since before she was born.


Cam has grown up so close to Jake that it’s as if she’s his left arm. They’ve played together on the street and at the lake since she could walk.  Plus, they’ve saved each other in some pretty miraculous ways that even their parents found hard to believe.  So, it’s only natural that, when hormones kick in, Cam feels like Jake belongs only to her.


Jake doesn’t admit it to anyone, but he’s only himself when the girl next door is at his side.  Even though he’s three years older than her and there’s a whole string of reasons for them not to be together, he can’t seem to walk away from the one girl who makes him feel whole.


But what happens when it’s not just the long line of “gaggling geese” following him around that gets in Cam’s way? What happens when it’s the illness that Jake hides from everyone?  Will Cam ever get the happily ever after she’s looking for?


Inspired by Taylor Swift songs, comes the AWARD-WINNING coming-of-age novel about aching love and loss and learning to live again.

Genre: new adult, young adult, coming-of-age, boy-next-door

Series: my life as an album, volume 1

Pages: 369

Release Date: April 17, 2017

Available: eBook, paperback, hardback, audiobook, and box set

Other Books in the Series: my life as a pop album, my life as a rock album,    my life as a mixtape, and my life as a holiday album

Novella: This Life with Cam is a novella written from Blake's perspective to Cam and is only available in the my life as an album series box set. See more below.


4 HEART-STOPPING BOOKS full of soul tugging Southern charm.

It all started with kids at a lake. And when loss hit, they all had to learn to live again…

To find joy…

To find redemption…

To find love…

Pages: Over 2100

Release Date: April 17, 2020

Available: eBook and on audiobook for 1 Audible credit


EXCLUSIVE to the box set is the novella This Life with Cam. Find out how Blake felt growing up in the shadow of Cam’s first love and exactly when he fell for the tiny football referee with her lopsided braids and popsicle stained lips.

Now on audiobook! Get all 41-hours of small-town charm for 1 Audible credit!

From author Megan Keith: "I absolutely adore this series! This Life With Cam is cleverly woven through all of the Cam memories I hold dear. [Blake] is an absolute gem and reading his version of events was a heart-warming and beautiful trip down memory lane with the added bonus of getting to know him better. I love him even more now."

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my life as a country album NIEA award finalist
my life as a county album Book of the Year Award
my life as a country album outstanding YA fiction awared
my life as a country album IAN award winner listing

“It's about Family and Friendship and the ties that bind us all together. It's about Determination. It's about Hope. And it's about Never Giving Up.” – Amazon Reviewer


"Love is messy, it's raw & imperfect...this novel shows that real love is worth all the fuss." – Amazon Reviewer


“This book crushed my soul in the most beautiful way.” – Author Kelsey Kingsley


"There's a lyricism to Evans' writing." – Amazon Reviewer


“Beautifully written and told…Heart wrenching and provocative, you will read and cry through this book! I know I did.” – The Reading Mermaid


“I was instantly captivated into this story, and didn't put down until every page was read!” - Jennifer Pierson – The Power of Three Readers


“It’s 100% southern, heartbreakingly romantic and just straight up SWEET. Like the sweetest tea sweet. If you can remember a high school or first love, THIS will bring it all back - ALL OF IT… Books like this are why self-publishing is an amazing thing......LJ Evans is certainly a star 🌟” – Kate Olson, The Loud Library Lady


“Ms. Evans took my breath away. She took my heart and soul and rearranged it with the lyrical fluidity of Jake and Cami's journey.” – Amazon Reviewer


“My Life as a Country Album is more than meets the eye, it's the perfect coming of age story that teaches us about love and loss and most importantly, the beauty of life.” – Amazon Reviewer


“This is a story of love and loss. It is a story of growing up and finding yourself. It is a story of learning to live again. It teaches you to embrace life and treasure every single moment. It is a story you need in your life.” – NovelMomma


“This is more than a book....more than a story. This is love....this is real, pure, fresh, unfiltered love. I expected a lighthearted love story but was given an emotional journey that will stay with me for years.” – Amazon Reviewer


“The way the author connected a story thru song was something I wasn’t prepared for but it was pure perfection.”  – Lustful Literature


"It's like Taylor (Swift) & the author were on the same page." – Amazon Reviewer



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