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From the award-winning My Life as An Album series comes a set of holiday shorts that will have you swooning, smiling, and celebrating.

This holiday, all the children from the original cast of the album series come home with secrets that are sure to send their parents and their families into a frenzy. Will they be able to keep them hidden, or will they be exposed with a bang that isn't at all the New Year's Eve fireworks that are planned?

Edie is so pregnant she's about to burst, but she's come back to her small town in Tennessee minus her Scottish, whiskey distillery owning husband. What she doesn't tell anyone is that her marriage may be over before it's had a chance to really begin. She hides her heart ache under a smile, making plans for a surprise birthday party for her parents, aunts, and uncles who are turning fifty.

Khiley and Stephen have been soulmates since they could crawl. They've grown up hip to hip in a way that reminds everyone in the family of Cam's once upon a time love with Jake. But the secret they're keeping may be the one thing that tears them apart forever.

Ty is tired of being compared to his dead, football god of an uncle. For once, he wants to be recognized not because of how much he reminds everyone of Jake, but for his own talent and passion. The secret he's keeping and the chip he's wearing on his shoulder may just keep him from getting the woman he loves and his future in the NFL.

Eliza may be the youngest of the entire Abbott, Waters, and Brennan clan, but she's ready to step into a future with the one man who's seen and loved her for who she is rather than her famous family. The secret she shares with her Air Force cadet of a boyfriend is sure to knock everyone for a loop.

Mayson comes from a long line of athletes, but he's always been more music than sports. Joining Uncle Derek's band has been an experience most musicians would give a right eye to have, so he's guiltily keeping his secret to himself. But with Grace coming into town with her cousin, Cole, he's going to be forced to come clean with everyone. He only hopes it won't break the family in half.

Last but not least, Ginny is the sister and cousin who keeps everyone in check and on course. She's the shoulder to cry own and the conscience to guide the way, not unlike her mama, Mia. Ginny's love life and personal goals have always been put on the back burner. But when Cole Hensley walks into the room, she finally sees something she wants for herself. Can she have him without sacrificing her family's happiness along the way?


Everyone might be smiling at the start of the holiday, but the secrets that have come home with them might just ruin the entire season for them all!

From award-winning author, LJ Evans, comes a book of holiday shorts that are tied together in a neat bow just like the original My Life as an Album series itself. If you loved any of the album series books, you certainly won't want to miss this soul filling, winter-y goodness inspired by Lady A's "All I Want for Christmas Is You."


Standalone novel with spoilers to the other “albums” in the series.

Genre: contemporary romance, holiday romance, holiday collection

Series: my life as an album, volume V

Pages: TBD

Release Date: December 7, 2020

Available: eBook and paperback

Other Books in the Series: my life as a country album, my life as a pop album, and my life as a rock album, my life as a mixtape

Find out more about the my life as an album series box set and the exclusive novella, This Life with Cam.


Available now at an exclusive, limited time pre-order price of $2.99



Available now at an exclusive, limited time pre-order price of $2.99

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