My Life as a Holiday Album ebook


This holiday, all the children from the original cast of the album series come home with secrets sure to send their parents and their families into a frenzy. Will they be able to keep them hidden, or will they be exposed with a bang that isn't at all the New Year's Eve fireworks that are planned?

My Life as a Holiday Album Khiley & Stephen character card

Khiley Abbott and Stephen Brennan

Khiley is all about the stars and plans to go to work for an observatory when she finishes college. Stephen wants to be wherever Khi is at and plans on getting a teaching credential that allows him to travel with her during the summer. Their biggest goal is to travel the world so Khi can see the stars from every angle on the Earth.

Holiday song that is their anthem:

“This Gift” performed by 98 Degrees

“I'm down on my knees, there's no better time.”


Favorite Food: Burgers from the Dairy Queen

Favorite Color: Khi’s is silver, Stephen’s is gray the color of Khi’s eyes.

Favorite Place: Anywhere they can watch the stars

Holiday Wish: Turn back time…

My Life as a Holiday Album Ty & Maleena character card

Ty Waters and Maleena Crandell

Ty is a football super-god just like his dead uncle, Jake. Maleena has lived and breathed football with her college coach of a father since she could walk. Together they are fire and ice. Their relationship has been a well-kept secret since Ty first showed up at UTK. Ty wants to declare to the world that they belong to each other before Maleena graduates and heads off to a pro team’s recruiting office.

Holiday song that is their anthem:

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” performed by Lady A

“I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know.”


Favorite Food: Froot Loops…ah, the bedroom memories

Favorite Color: Ty’s is red, Maleena’s is green.

Favorite Place: Football field

Holiday Wish: They both get picked up by the same Pro Team.

My Life as a Holiday Album Eliza and Brett character card

Eliza Waters and Brett Davies

Eliza is the baby of the Waters clan and has been overshadowed her whole life by the famous stars that glimmer around her. She’s most comfortable behind the lens of a camera or in the middle of a black lives matter rally. When Brett entered her world with his ROTC uniform and soft smile, she didn’t think he was the real deal. All Brett has dreamed about is entering the Air Force and maybe, someday, becoming an astronaut. Then Eliza enters his world and he is sure he can’t do any of it without her.

Holiday song that is their anthem:

“When I Was a Little Girl” performed by Gwen Stefani

“I wondered who I'd give all my love to. I asked Santa who he'd recommend.”


Favorite Food: Eliza’s is anything with spice. Brett’s is his mama’s fried chicken.

Favorite Color: Eliza loves the blending of black and white photos. Brett loves the blue of the sky.

Favorite Place: Behind the camera for Eliza and in the air in the pilot’s seat for Brett

Holiday Wish: Acceptance for them both.

My Life as a Holiday Album Mayson & Grace character card

Mayson Abbott and Grace Carmen

Mayson and Grace are all about movies and musicals. They can recite lines from movies at the drop of a hat, and along with Grace’s cousin Cole, often have movie-line battles. The three of them have finished a musical and are starting a production company together. Grace is tough and driven just like her antihero father, Seth, and Mayson is all about the lyrics and rhythms just like his Uncle Derek.


Holiday song that is their anthem:

“You Make It Feel Like Christmas” performed by Gwen Stefani

and Blake Shelton

“It barely took a breath to realize, we're gonna

be a classic for all time.”


Favorite Food: Nachos to share.

Favorite Color: Grace’s is black and purple and Mayson’s is blue.

Favorite Place: Writing lines and lyrics anywhere

Holiday Wish: Their musical is optioned for a movie.

My Life as a Holiday Album Ginny & Cole character card

Ginny Waters and Cole Hensley

Ginny tries to keep everyone else on course and on track to achieve their dreams. She wants to run the family’s car dealership someday, but right now she’s got a secret list she’s determined to mark off before she graduates including jumping from a plane, taking salsa lessons, and traveling Europe. Cole is the stable force and tiebreaker in the production company he’s started with his cousin, Grace, and his best friend, Mayson. But he wants the words he writes to be more than just a reflection of his fiery cousin’s. They both see themselves and supporting characters, and aren’t prepared to be thrust into the main role.


Holiday song that is their anthem:

“Shake Up Christmas” performed by Train

“And let me meet a girl one day,

that wants to spread some love this way.”


Favorite Food: Lasagna for Ginny and any food in the world for the high metabolism of Cole.

Favorite Color: Ginny’s is yellow and Cole’s is orange.

Favorite Place: Ginny’s is the lake and Cole’s is an Irish pub

Holiday Wish: Their family’s wishes come true…because that’s Cole and Ginny for you. They put everyone else first.

My Life as a Holiday Album Edie and Garrett character card

Edie Brennan and Garrett Drummond

Edie is the oldest of the entire Brennan, Waters, and Abbotts clan and has been the babysitter and stand-in parent for as long as she can remember. The entire gang of kids looks to her to lead the way and keep their secrets. A former ballerina turned librarian who fell for the Scottish brogue. Garrett is the sole heir to a whiskey distillery fortune that’s been around for centuries and is being torn in two by the country he belongs to and the woman he adores.

Holiday song that is their anthem:

“Please Come Home for Christmas” performed by Kelly Clarkson

“Please come home for Christmas. If not for

Christmas by New Year's night.”


Favorite Food: Edie’s is sugar cookies and Garrett’s is steak that goes with his whiskey.

Favorite Color: Edie’s is pink and Garrett’s is amber.

Favorite Place: Edie’s is the library and Garrett’s is the old distillery

Holiday Wish: Somehow their two worlds can be one.

My Life as a Holiday Album Dalton & Reese character card

Dalton and Reese

Dalton is a rode king, and heir to his daddy, Matt’s, horse ranch. Reese is the daughter of the Abbott family horse trainers whose taken over the business after her daddy died. These two have been best friends since grade school. One night, after a particularly nasty break up, everything just might change. This HEA, flash fiction is FREE to download now with a newsletter subscription.

Song that is their anthem:

“Love Ain’t” performed by the Eli Young Band

“I may not know what love is girl, but I know what love ain't.

Come over, let me show you what he can't.”

Favorite Food: Dalton’s is a Western burger and Reese’s is spaghetti with meatballs.

Favorite Color: Dalton’s is amber and Reese’s is gray.

Favorite Place: On the back of a horse, sprinting through the fields

Holiday Wish: That somehow their story, written in the sky, has a HEA.