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"One mistake doesn't make you a failure.”

I always saw relationships as a burden instead of a gift...until my world imploded...until Wynn showed me truth.


Bass player, Lonnie Brennan, is known as the band's overgrown jokester. He’s only come to Tennessee to ensure his best friend isn’t eaten by wolves after falling in love with a local during their first tour. What Lonnie doesn't expect is to fall in love himself. To fall in love with the Southern charm and sweet-tea lifestyle of the small town. But even that isn’t enough to make him do something crazy, like give in to the attraction he feels for a certain tall Strawberry Girl.


Wynn Nichols is known as the conscience of her friends. She's always been the stable one--until both her marriage and her job drift away. Now, she's come home feeling like a disappointment and a failure. With divorce papers in hand, she certainly isn't looking to get involved with a redheaded lumberjack who treats life like a series of jokes.


But when Lonnie is suddenly shouldering responsibilities he never expected, they form an unlikely friendship that gets them through the darkest days of their lives.


Question is, will they risk that friendship for a chance at something more?


Inspired by a whole mixtape of artists, comes a novel from award-winning author, LJ Evans, about hope and new beginnings.

Genre: new adult, contemporary romance, slow burn

Series: my life as an album, volume IV

Pages: 410

Release Date: November 13, 2018

Available: eBook, paperback, hardback, audiobook, and box set

Other Books in the Series: my life as a country album, my life as a pop album, and my life as a rock album, my life as a holiday album

Find out more about the my life as an album series box set and the exclusive novella, This Life with Cam.


Mixtape Review

Michelle - Facebook Review

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"Ms. Evans has completely outdone herself with this book...I'm not ready to let these characters go. They have become characters I want to continue to revisit forever." - NovelMomma

"It’s so much more than a love story! LJ Evans gracefully layers friendship, hope, hardship, and family with a slow burn, friends-to-lovers romance that will work magic in your heart." - Jenn Lockwood Editing

"There were certainly some painful parts but watching this couple fall in love and build a family was such a beautiful experience. My heart was left full and I could not stop smiling at the end." - Heather, Book and a Blanket

"It’s a loving story of hope, family and forgiveness. It’s a great end to an amazing series." - Zilpha, Amazon

“Evans makes it a point to talk about real life issues in her books, including mental health... She writes about anxiety realistically and incorporates it into the story." -Energy Rae, Goodreads

"L.J. Evans is a master storyteller! I'm not sure I can find words to adequately describe how touching and heartfelt this story was!" - Heather, Goodreads

"I just loved this book! It hit me in all the right places, emotionally. I found myself choking back sobs, even in public, embarrassingly enough." - Kurt, Amazon

“If you’ve ever had the desire to find a book that will feel like a giant hug from a beloved friend- this is that book." - Michelle, Goodreads

"The stunning conclusion to this series sees the return of all the characters you’ve come to love. The ending is bittersweet for me - as a reader I’m so thrilled that these characters get their happy endings but I’m also so sad to say goodbye to these wonderful characters that LJ brought to life with her beautiful writing." - Megan, Amazon

“My Life as a Mixtape is a beautiful addition to the series, it includes everyone we fell in love with from the previous books and gives us a wonderful new story in Wynn and Lonnie. It's a slow-burn, a nice long one that is well worth the wait." -Goodreads



my life as a mixtape teaser
my life as a mixtape teaser
my life as a mixtape teaser
my life as a mixtape teaser
my life as a mixtape teaser
my life as a mixtape teaser
my life as a mixtape teaser
My Life as an Album series bonus epilogue teaser

Read the first line of the epilogue for Mixtape on LJ Evans Facebook Page in the #FridayNightLoveStories

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