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Enter for a chance to win a signed copy of my life as a country album!

The BookLife Prize calls it "fast-paced, stirring, beautifully written and a pleasure to read".

Other Reviewers say:

"Love is messy, it's raw & imperfect...this novel shows that real love is worth all the fuss."

"This book crushed my soul in the most beautiful way."

"Cam & Jake ripped out my heart."

"It's about Family & Friendship & the ties that bind us all together. It's about Determination. It's about Hope. And it's about Never Giving Up."

"There's a lyricism to Evans' writing."

"It's like Taylor (Swift) & the author were on the same page."

"I was driven to read their life story & it was so beautifully done, every word & scene."

"Heart wrenching & beautiful storytelling!!!"

"What an amazing story of true friendship & love. I couldn't put this book down."

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