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A friend recently sent me a link to this amazing story about a sister who had given her brother a kidney (see photo and link below). She sent it because of the similarity between my fictional novel, my life as a country album, and the people in this story. I read it and was not only in awe of Jake and Kaylen, but also of the beautiful stories that happen every day that we don't always get to hear about.

Photo rights of Jake & Kaylen purchased from LaCrosse Tribune.com

We hear about a lot of negative things. Especially these days. But a book by the fabulous Jessica Park called 180 Seconds reminds me that if we look for the good, expect the good, and share the good, then it will happen.

In this real life story, something that could have been very bad, ended up saving Jake's life. A kid he was coaching accidentally hit him in the face with a baseball bat, breaking his jaw. When he was hospitalized for that, the doctor's realized that something else was wrong. That he needed a kidney transplant. His beautiful sister was a match, and she ended up giving him a kidney.

This story made me happy cry for several reasons. One, it was incredible how positive Jake himself was. How RESILIENT he was. How he faced this without giving up. How he buckled down, did what needed to be done to get through to the other side, and, with the love of his family, did just that.

On top of Jake's positive attitude and his sister's completely unselfish act, I was floored by how much their neighbors and community did for them as well. As an example, at Christmas, all their neighbors put up green lights in a loving sign of solidarity for Jake and organ donation awareness. This was just one example of how the whole community came together to support Jake's family.

I don't want to go on for ages here, but I just wanted to share my thoughts. People are good. People want to be good. People survive life's travesties by having good in their lives. It's what helps them be resilient just like I hope my characters in my stories are. Without others to hold out a hand when it's needed most, we won't make it. Only together as a community of people will we be able to survive the crazy ups and downs of life. I hope that you get a chance today to share something good with someone else. That you get a chance to help someone even if it's just with a smile and a good morning.

Read more about Jake and Kaylen's story at the La Crosse Tribune (photo rights purchased through La Crosse Tribune and cannot be used or redistributed without their permission. Thank you).

Do you have a story to share that shows humanity in a positive light? That shows human kindness in action? I'd love to hear about it from you. Please share it with me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or on my website.

Live life resiliently! And, as always, happy reading!

LJ Evans

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