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Happy Birthday Cover Reveals

my life as an album series birthday invite

Hello everyone!

I'm over the top excited to share with you the new covers for the 1st birthday celebration of the MY LIFE AS AN ALBUM SERIES. The first book, MY LIFE AS A COUNTRY ALBUM, came out in April 2017 and started a new adventure into the publishing world for me.

Here are the new covers! I hope you like them as much as I do. They were made by the fabulous Megan at Designed With Grace who is just a wonderful human being.

Since the first book came out last April, I've met some amazing new people (readers, authors, bloggers, editors, PAs, designers, etc.) who have come to support me on this journey along with my family and friends. When I published MY LIFE AS A COUNTRY ALBUM I had no intention of it being a series, but then I had so many people tell me about how different characters in the book had moved them that I realized there was more to tell in this world I had created.

This is how both MY LIFE AS A POP ALBUM and MY LIFE AS A ROCK ALBUM came to life. POP ALBUM released this year in January and ROCK ALBUM will release this June. There will be a 4th book in the series, MY LIFE AS A MIXTAPE, which is targeted for a Winter release.

As I said, I'm celebrating the birthday of this series with the new covers and some giveaways. Please join me on my Facebook Author Page to enter for a chance to win some prizes.

For those of you who haven't had a chance to read the books yet, I've included a short description of the books below my sign off. I hope that you find something that peaks your interest. For those of you who have read the books, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your support and love for Jake, Cam, Mia, and Derek and their resilient journeys through this thing called life! I hope that you continue to follow me as I write and share even more stories with you.


LJ Evans



MY LIFE AS AN ALBUM Series Book Descriptions

MY LIFE AS A COUNTRY ALBUM - Inspired by Taylor Swift songs, this contemporary coming of age story is about surviving love and loss and learning to live through life in all its pain and glory. Tomboy Cam Swayne is determined that football hero Jake keep his eyes firmly on her. After all, she’s been his since before she was born. Even mama admits that Jake willed her into existence. Cam doesn’t plan on stopping until he's hers in every way. Even though he's three years older than her and often on adventures that she's too young for, she finds ways to force him to see her. And he does. But, the downside is that Cam has never wanted anything for herself more than Jake. He's been her whole world. So what happens when that world comes crashing down?

MY LIFE AS A POP ALBUM - In this contemporary romance inspired by Ed Sheeran love songs, Good Girl Mia finds a path to forgiveness, love and healing. Mia Phillips is spinning her wheels feeling guilty for her brother's death. It was her kidney that killed him after all... But then soulful musician, Derek Waters, enters her life and she finds herself laying aside all her promises to herself, her parents, and her dead brother to travel across the country with him. For some reason, she wants this gorgeous man to know her story. The story of a girl who gave up a body part to save a brother who everyone wanted to survive more than the girl herself. And how that hadn’t worked out. Will Derek help Mia put her shattered heart back together or will she be left more torn apart than before?

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