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How is your summer going? I hope that whatever life has tossed out at you has been positive and not negative. I hope that you have good things and good people in your life helping you through this crazy thing called life.

Mandy Hale quote have faith in your journey

I loved this quote that I found from Mandy Hale not long ago, so I thought I’d share it with you. I find that these silly inspirational quotes somehow help me live life resiliently. They make me feel not so alone. The picture I used for the quote is from my cruise. I took it from our balcony. Every time I see the picture, I feel grateful that I was able to take that journey with my hubby and daughter. WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO THIS SUMMER? WHAT’S BEEN HELPING YOU THROUGH? Please shoot me an email or contact me on social media to let me know.

Because it’s been a few weeks since I’ve sent out a newsletter, I thought I'd drop in to let you know what’s going on with me and my book world. In the newsletter you’ll find:








I have to start with some thanks. MY LIFE AS A ROCK ALBUM released June 26th and I'm incredibly thankful for all the readers, bloggers, author friends, and family who made the release a memorable for me. It's hard to believe that Seth & PJ's love story is out in the mind and hearts of other people besides me.

Thank you to the fabulous iPearlUnicorn who made a lovely YouTube video review after reading the book. She makes my heart happy as so many of you do when you reach out and let me know how one or more of my books have touched you in different ways. I am completely overwhelmed and grateful for the support of all of you.



While I still have a couple weeks of summer vacation left before my brain becomes full of 1st Grade lesson plans, I've been working on the draft for MY LIFE AS A MIXTAPE. And tah-dah, the rough, rough draft is done. I have a tentative playlist (subject to change) and my sister has it the draft in her Kindle. She's my first reader, always. She'll be painfully honest as only big sisters can be. But, here's a little taste of what's coming:



There’s a sneak peak EXCERPT from MIXTAPE at the end of the newsletter – if you want to take a look.

After a draft is done, I go completely insane trying to put it aside for a few weeks so that I can come back to it with fresh eyes. I shared this crazy internal debate on FB recently, and thought I’d share the link here so that you can see just how crazy I really am. I hope you enjoy it and - hey- Don't judge!


STAY TUNED! I have a lot more things in the works. I'm playing around with the idea of writing a novella from Blake Abbott's perspective (from COUNTRY ALBUM). I also have an urban fantasy novel that hit my brain waves not long ago and won't leave me alone. Plus, I have another standalone contemporary romance - SUNSHINE & ELM - that I've started but needs an overhaul. I hope you'll keep in touch so I can share with you everything that happens next in my book world.


I'll be participating in two more BookSweeps Giveaways in the next 6 weeks – so I’ll try to send out a newsletter when those are up and running. These giveaways are always a great way for you to get a bunch of free books and enter for a chance to win some great books and prizes.

As a reminder, I've started my MONTHLY MEMBER GIVEAWAY. As long as you are signed up for my newsletter by the last day of each month, you'll be automatically entered into a contest for a chance to win a signed paperback of one of my books. And, if you share the link with others, and they list you as the friend who referred them, you'll be entered extra times into the giveaway.



I've read some more amazing books this month. I've listed a couple of my favorites. WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN READING? Let me know.

Knowing You by Rebecca Donovan

Dark & Suspenseful Book 2 in the Cursed Series

Let’s Get Textual by Teagan Hunter

LOL Funny and Nerdy Romantic

Dreams of Falling by Karen White

Beautifully blended timelines of family and love

From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon

Funny and nerdy YA

A Soldiers Roots by Tessa Elaine

2nd in her Roots Series


Thanks for reading the end of my newsletter! I hope that you have a great day, and I hope that you shoot me a note via email or any of my social media sites to let me know what you are reading and what you've been up to this summer.

Happy Reading!



Coming Soon – Copyright LJ Evans 2018 – Text Subject to Change

“Can I ask you a question?” I turned so that I was on my side looking down at Wynn on the dock. Our faces were inches apart. I realized, after two whole seconds, that looking at her was a mistake. Because she was her gorgeous self—wet from the lake and glistening in the summer heat and the almost disappeared sun—and I was trying not to touch her.

“Do you ever stop asking questions?” She gave me a weak smile that was not her real one. It was her on guard one.

“Why’d you leave?”

“You mean here?”


“Because you like it here so much?” she teased me.

I nodded. I did like it here. It felt like home. Or like I’d always imagined a home should feel like when my own had never felt that way. I wondered if Lita and I had grown up here, in the country, if she would have ended up saner than she was now.

“College,” Wynn responded to my question.

“Isn’t there one closer than Nashville? And you didn’t come back after you graduated, why not?”

She looked up at the stars. The crickets started chirping. An owl hooted. It was like camping but not. It felt like home but not.

“I guess I thought this place was too small for the future I wanted to have.”

I took that in. I guess I could understand that. Living where everyone knew everything about you might make you want to run far away. Might make you want to have something for yourself that no one knew about but you.

“But your back now?”

“Without a future.”

I could tell she wanted to take it back as soon as it was out. “Shit. You’re only what, twenty-three? Twenty-four? You have a whole life still in front of you.”

“Okay. But being twenty-five,” she emphasized her age like I should have known it. “And already having a divorce under your belt doesn’t bode well for any future endeavors.”

I turned back to the sky because looking at her was harder than I could have ever expected.

“One mistake doesn’t make you a failure,” I replied automatically but truthfully.

She didn’t respond, and we just laid there watching the stars wink into existence in a way I never got to see in L.A. Here in Tennessee, they were out nightly. And here at the lake, they were stunning. Like her, glimmering...shiny...heart wrenching.

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