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Forged by Sacrifice Sale, Damaged Desires Updates, Book Talks, & TSwift Love

I can’t believe it’s August… I can’t believe how far off its axis our world has shifted. But you know what? There's good news. You're HERE! You've survived! And I just wanted to say that however you’re getting through your days, it’s okay. Be proud that you are doing just that. Some of us retreat into our shells, some of us explode into the world, and some of us carefully plot what is going to happen next. Everybody handles stress and change differently, so don't let anyone make you feel bad. You get through this wild ride of life your way!

For me, I’ve been trying to monitor my time with the news and social media so I don’t let my soul get dragged down too far, I’m spending time reading and learning and sharing what I’ve learned the best I can, and then I’m writing---a lot of writing.

In this blog post, I have lots to share, including:


🎶 Damaged Desires Latest & Greatest

🎶 Join Me for a Book Discussion

🎶 Other LJ News

🎶 Books I'm Reading & Loving

🎶 Taylor Swift Folklore Album


Are you waiting for Dani and Nash’s story to come out in October? Do you want to see how they first met? Well, they were secondary characters in Forged by Sacrifice, so you can catch up on them while you read Mac and Georgie’s story! And guess what? For the first time since release, Forged by Sacrifice is ON SALE in the UK and the US for a limited time! You can get it for 99 pennies.

What’s it got that you want?

⚓️ Navy man

⚖️ Law student

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 Kennedy-like family

⁉️ Int’l surprises

💞 All the feels

“My heart enlarged at a thought that I’d never had for another woman... I wanted to keep her.”

Mac is determined to change the world. A life in politics is his future. But will one woman alter everything?

The dream Georgie once gave up is finally in reach―a law degree. Along with it comes an unexpected chance at love.

But her family’s past will make his future an impossibility, and they’ll have to decide just what they’re willing to sacrifice for love.


I grinned at her. “I like this bet.”

“What do I get if I win?” she asked again.

“What do you want?” I asked huskily, her body distracting me from much thought other than putting my lips and tongue on every single part of her.

“Hmm. A favor. Granted without question.”

“What is this favor?”

“A future favor. One I don’t know yet.”

I let my hands journey from her waist up to the curve of her breasts, and her eyes fluttered closed and then opened.

“Why am I always having to agree to your terms before I can kiss you?” I asked and moved my hips slightly against hers, making her breath hitch.

“What do you want if you win?” she asked just as she put her lips at the corner of mine. The scent of her filled my nostrils, and my movements went from gentle caresses to demands fueled by aching need.

“A favor. Granted without question,” I told her back, because while I’d never be able to deny her anything, I had a feeling her walls were going to have me finding ways to climb across them repeatedly.

“Fair enough. Erogenous zones for favors. Should we shake on it?”

“No, we’ll kiss on it.”

Keep reading for FREE in Kindle Unlimited or...

Get Forged by Sacrifice for 99 pennies!


Dani and Nash’s story is out with my beta and sensitivity readers. Gah, Damaged Desires makes me so dang happy! Here’s the book's tag line:

From the ashes, there’s life!

I had to Google it to make sure I wasn’t stealing someone else’s line. Some are close, but not exactly these words. In the book, Dani and Nash are recovering pieces of themselves they lost. While Damaged Desires is a STANDALONE book, you do see the events that send them reeling in Forged by Sacrifice (which is ON SALE - in case you missed that). In Damaged, you see not only these events from their perspective but then you see their path to healing and love.

Those of you who've been hanging with me for a while know that music is not my only inspiration, but that QUOTES are also an easy way to my heart. Nash has a body covered in tattoos inspired by quotes. I’ve been sharing some of them on my social media posts. Have you seen them? Which one is your favorite so far?

Here’s a little collage of them just for you…

Here's a little sneak peek at the cover that I’ll be revealing in a few weeks – so stay tuned for that. Are you a blogger or bookstagrammer and want to help me with the cover reveal and/or more? Sign up here! XO

Blogger & Bookstagrammer Signup


She was still backing away, but I was a hunter. I’d been a hunter long before I’d become a sniper. The two skills had merged together, and I knew exactly how to give chase.

© LJ Evans, unedited, subject to change.

What’s the book got that you want?

👨‍✈️ Swoony Navy SEAL

🎼 Feisty Music PR Manager

🏋️‍♂️ Exercise Room Shenanigans

🎥 Bodyguard Action

🌺 Flower Farm Romance

🔥 Friends-Enemies-Lovers Heat

They won’t be available until October 26, but you can pre-order them now at the limited time price of $2.99!

Yep, I need to pre-order Damaged Desires Now!

I want to add Dani + Nash to my Goodreads shelf!


As part of Nana Malone’s #BrownNippleChallenge and my ongoing efforts to be a better ally to the Black and LGBTQIA communities, I’m going to hold a book discussion every month or so for a BIPOC or LGBTQIA author’s book. The first one is starting this month. We’ll be discussing WITH YOUR PERMISSION by Stephanie Nicole Norris.

Last month, I gave a bunch of copies away, but it’s available in Kindle Unlimited for FREE if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

On August 15th, I’m going to be holding a book talk about it in my Facebook Group at 12:30 pm PST (3:30 pm EST which is 8:30 pm in the UK). Here’s the link to the book on Amazon and The Facebook event:

WITH YOUR PERMISSION by Stephanie Nicole Norris

August 15th Book Discussion in LJ's Facebook Group


Guarded Dreams has been picked for a Romance Reveal Book Box that is coming this Fall. I just sent out a whole lot of signed copies to them. When I get the buy link for the box, I’ll share it with you. This was me happily getting ready to sign the books. It felt like a dream coming true… It WAS a dream coming true.

Here’s another DREAM come true moment! I’m going to be at the A.L.L.U.R.E Audiobook Con in Chicago, September 2022! I know that feels like it’s ages away, but, as of right now, it’s my first official book signing. WOOT, WOOT. Want to come? Here’s the link to the event and how to get tickets that went on sale TODAY!!

A.L.L.U.R.E. Audiobook Con tickets and information


If you like my books which are all intense and full of emotions, then you’re going to love Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Dylan Allen’s THE JEZEBEL! It was a roller coaster of intensity, power, betrayal, and second chances with a heroine who finds her voice and her strength. And holy cow… the steam. Whoa! You can absolutely read this book standalone. But I’m telling you, after you read it, you’re going to want to read the rest of them.

Book Description:

His love is a secret my heart can’t keep.

After years of playing the trophy, puppet, perfectionist,

I’ve forgotten who I am.

Until the boy from my past walks back into my life.

Handsome as sin, charming beyond belief—Stone Rivers is temptation personified.

Our combustible chemistry shatters my resolve.

His blistering kisses remind me of everything I used to want.

But, our present is just as messy as our past.

And reckless as it may be, I can’t let him go.

My name is Regan Wilde.

I’m a mother, a sister, a daughter.

But Stone and I?

We’re a scandal in the making.

Mia Kayla’s SWEET LOVE just released this week! It’s a sweet and sexy office romance with a wounded hero trying to save his father's company and an artistic heroine who faints at the sight of blood. Don’t miss her hilarious fun-loving friends and an unplanned supply closet rendezvous.

Kathryn Nolan’s 3rd book in the CODEX SERIES released YESTERDAY! I’ve been dying to read Abe’s story since the moment Kathryn told us she was writing it! IN THE CLEAR has a former FBI agent who now owns his a private agency and an ambitious, young detective who has been handed the case of a lifetime. Author’s Note: Insta-lust meets suspense in this action-packed, flaming-hot romance about a stoic hero with a guarded heart and a kick-ass heroine with a few secrets.

My self-improvement book of the month is Layla F. Saad’s ME AND WHITE SUPREMACY. It’s been stretching me to journal responses, root out my own built-in biases, and help me be a better ancestor to the world. Here’s some more about it:

This eye-opening book challenges you to do the essential work of unpacking your biases, and helps white people take action and dismantle the privilege within themselves so that you can stop (often unconsciously) inflicting damage on people of color, and in turn, help other white people do better, too.

Based on the viral Instagram challenge, Me and White Supremacy takes readers on a 28-day journey to do the necessary and vital work that can ultimately lead to improving race relations.

After I’m done with Layla’s book, I’ll be reading I’M STILL HERE: BLACK DIGNITY IN A WORLD MADE FOR WHITENESS by Austin Channing Brown.


That’s about it for me today, but I can't leave without a shout out to the new TAYLOR SWIFT album, FOLKLORE! Holy gadzooks, people! Her surprise album made my entire week better. Anyone else? I cannot tell you how much of an inspiration her music and songs are for me. After listening to the album, I had a gazillion new story ideas floating around in my head.

What are your favorite songs from the album?

“Exile” and “Invisible Strings” are up at the top for me. But I really love “Tears Ricochet” and “The Last Great American Dynasty.”

I know not all of you are Taylor fans, and, hey, that’s okay! I still love you 😉.

I’ll be back soon with a COVER REVEAL for Damaged Desires and full book description, more news on MY LIFE AS A MIXTAPE’s audiobook, and other hot topics.

Until next time, please take care of yourself, and...



♬ "𝓌𝒽𝑒𝓇𝑒 𝓂𝓊𝓈𝒾𝒸 & 𝓈𝓉𝑜𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓈 𝒸𝑜𝓁𝓁𝒾𝒹𝑒" ♬

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