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Happy Birthday Country Album & Box Set is LIVE!


How are you all holding up? Everybody still safe and healthy? I hope so. I hope that you are weathering this storm with grace, strength, and resilience. Melissa K.S., in my Facebook group, shared this quote the other day.

"Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path."

I definitely didn't write it, and I'm not sure who to credit, but it's gorgeous, and I wanted to share it here. I want to think, that when this is over, when we find our path out of this, the world will have a little more human kindness, a little more dignity, and a little more hope. I'm raising a glass to that today. What else am I raising my glass to? Well, it's MY LIFE AS A COUNTRY ALBUM's birthday! It's three years old today! When I think back to that moment when I hit "publish" on Amazon's KDP platform with shaking hands, I would NEVER have imagined that three years later I'd be giving you a box set, have almost 7 books in the world, have thousands of you following me, and have earned multiple awards for this series... None of that was in my head that day. Do you know what was in my head? These things:

  • I hope I don't make a fool of myself. (While I make a fool of myself on almost a daily basis on social media, that hasn't happened in the books yet. Fingers crossed.)

  • Why am I doing this again? (Because I just had to get the words out of me & into the world)

  • I hope that someone likes it. (Eek! It still has a 4.9 out of 5 score on Amazon)

  • I hope it helps someone. (People who have lived the diabetes part of this story in real life have contacted me to tell me how much it meant to them. I'm deeply touched by that)

  • I hope Taylor Swift sees it someday. (To my knowledge, this hasn't happened, but I can still dream about it)

  • I'm going to throw up. (I did... I got the stomach flu that same week. HA!)

  • I'm going to kill Kelly if this ends up humiliating me. (Thankfully, my sister is still with us, and I am beyond grateful she pushed me into doing it!)

THANK YOU FOR CELEBRATING WITH ME! This bookish world is a beautiful, beautiful place. How many of you got Cam's story when it was on sale for 99 cents? If you didn't, it's not a big deal because you can still get the ENTIRE Album series at the crazy low release price of $3.99 (and equivalent worldwide). It's only going to stay that way for a few more days before it increases to $9.99. But it's LIVE RIGHT NOW!! Which means you don't have to wait to start reading it. Just download and GO. BTW, the box set is also FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

Just in case you didn't see it before, I've added an exclusive novella to the box set, THIS LIFE WITH CAM. It's Blake's version of Cam's story. I have Rachel R. and author Kelsey Kingsley to thank for encouraging me to write it. I was terrified, once again, that I'd mess the whole thing up. But... my ARC readers have loved it (YAY!), and I hope you will, too!

The early reviews on the box set AND on Blake's story have been bringing me to tears! Tears, I tell you. HEART meet HAPPY! This one from Leisa C., who hates to cry, is one that made me smile and dance because she loved Cam's story even when it wasn't something she normally would have read!

I can't help thinking that APRIL is a GREAT book month!

Keep reading to find out exactly why.


My advance copy reviewers have Avenged by Love in their Kindles as we speak!!! Seriously, it's out in the wild people with my early reviewers.

Tara read it and had this to say: "I completely fell in love with these characters! They were unique, quirky, and real! It had me laughing, crying, mad, and swooning all at the same time."

And Rikki had this to say, "Love really is the only superpower. Love comes in many forms: friendship, family, soulmates. There is no shortage in this book as well as the series it belongs to. The anchor novels are beautiful."

This is what I looked like while reading the reviews (except older... and more wrinkled).

Pssst. That's TAYLOR GIF, right? If you were in my Facebook group you wouldn't be surprised by this at all...

By the way, have you seen the Avenged by Love book trailer? Or the teasers I've been sharing on my social media accounts? No? Welllllll, aren't you in luck? Here's the trailer just for you.

If you have Facebook, I'll be reading the first two chapters LIVE on my Facebook page the night before it releases. Sign up here, and you'll get a reminder on the day of the event.


Oh, and guess what, you can enter for chance to win one of three signed paperbacks that I'm giving away just by adding the book to your TBR shelf and following the giveaway instructions on Goodreads.



SERIOUSLY, people, not only are my box set and Avenged releasing, but there are some other incredible books releasing this month from authors I adore. In my last post, I shared three books that were some of my MUST READS for 2020. They were Kelsey Kingsley's The Life We Have, Amy Harmon's Where the Lost Wander, and Maria Luis's Road To Fire, well there was one that slipped my brain, and it was Rebecca Donovan's The Cursed Series, Part 3 & 4. It's a YA - Mystery-Magical-Romance-Mashup that I ADORE!!!

Also, if you like box sets, than I have this hot news for you. Annie Dyer released Books 1-3 of the Callaghan Green series in their own gorgeous set this month!

Book 1 - Engagement Rate off the charts hot office romance

Book 2 - White Knight is an achingly steamy, second chance, brother's best friend romance

Book 3 - Compromising Agreements is an enemies-to-lovers romance that's hot enough to melt your kindle.

Do you read paranormal romance? I'm kind of a sucker for them. Well, Renee Rose and Vanessa Vale released this extra STEAMY, shifter, paranormal romance that might just perk your ears right up (you know... ears.. shifter... never mind...):

WOLF RANCH: ROUGH Pack Rule #1: Never reveal to a human. I broke that rule the day I met the beautiful doctor. I might be a rodeo champ, but one look at her, and I lost my concentration. The bull tossed and gored me, and now the sweet female is on to me. When I healed within hours, she knew something wasn’t right. My alpha told me to watch her. Not a problem. I’ll watch her all right. Real close. I’ll stick to her like superglue. And those human men who want to date her? They’d better step back. Because the doctor is all mine. Whether she knows it yet or not.


Just a note about the audiobooks of Rock, Mixtape, and the box set. They are still coming, I promise you, but we've hit some delays because of the way our world is at the moment. THANK YOU for being patient because I know some of you are dying to get your hands on them.

Okay, I'm really going to go now, but I hope you'll pop by one of my social media pages (pretty much @ljevansbooks everywhere) to let me know how you're doing and to help me celebrate my book-aversary! Until we chat again, please take care of yourself, and...



"𝓌𝒽𝑒𝓇𝑒𝓂𝓊𝓈𝒾𝒸 & 𝓈𝓉𝑜𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓈𝒸𝑜𝓁𝓁𝒾𝒹𝑒"

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