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Well... since I last talked to you, the whole world melted down. Earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, oh and that nasty little bug that has everything shut down. So with all the madness, I hope this finds you and your family safe. Truly, with all my heart I hope that for you.

I'm missing my little first graders after two weeks without them. It's going to be at least until April 20th before we're allowed back, and there is still hushed talk of it being for the remainder of the school year. This makes me sad, but what can we do?

On the flip side, the kitties are super glad we're stuck at home. And I've been able to get a lot of bookish stuff done for YOU. See? Positive side! And isn't Fitz adorable? This kitty grabs my heart all the dang time.

Okay, back to the book world. The first thing I have to say is...


It's turning three this April. THREE! I cannot even believe that I've been on this book journey three years already. When I first hit "publish," I did it because I was marking a thing off my bucket list, and because I loved Cam's story enough to share it with the world (oh, and my sister might have threatened death if I didn't do it). My friends and family were kind enough to download it (and maybe a few hundred people I didn't know). My family and friends told me they loved it. Of course, I believed them because they were my friends and family... but I also didn't "really" believe them...because they were my friends and family. You get that, right? But now, three years later, the book has won some awards, has had thousands of reads, and has brought YOU to my door. Thousands of you! You've all joined my book journey, and that blows me away. THANKS FOR BEING HERE! More than that, thanks for loving Cam's words so much that I got to write more... and more... and more... Gah. Makes my writer-y heart so flippin' happy! To celebrate YOU being here and Cam's birthday, I've done a couple things: 1) I'm running a sale on Country Album (it's only 99 pennies in the US) through March 31st.

2) I've created a box set of the ENTIRE Album series (which you might have seen in my last email and is at a crazy low pre-order price of $3.99 (and equivalent worldwide).

3) I've added a little exclusive short to the box set of the Album Series called THIS LIFE WITH CAM. Which meant I got to give a voice to Blake who hadn't really got to tell his side of the story.

4) AND, if you were a newsletter follower you would have been able to enter a giveaway for one of 5 copies of the entire eBook box set. They're answering the much debated question of Country Album readers: "Are you #TeamJake or #TeamBlake?" Maybe, you should join my newsletter for the next giveaway?But, hey if you want to find out what all the fuss is about, you can buy Country Album for 99 pennies in the US right now or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

My Advanced Reviewers (ARC team), have been sending me so many little notes of happiness about Blake's short story that I feel like I could float off the ground. Like this gorgeous review from Michelle who I met through CJ Archer's reader group and who has been with me since the beginning of my journey.

There's A LOT MORE HAPPENING in APRIL than just Country Album's birthday, so keep reading for some more juicy tidbits that I'm sharing with you.

AVENGED BY LOVE IS COMING APRIL 29TH and is on sale at an exclusive, pre-order price of just $2.99 right now.

Gah - I'm so frickin' excited about this book. Like barely able to contain myself for another whole month. I want to give it to you TODAY!!! But it's still going through one more round of edits, and then, it's off to the ARC team. Jersey and Truck are quickly becoming my favorite of all my characters. Truck is so dang honorable... and Jersey is so dang resilient. I just... CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO MEET THEM! Because I'm so excited, I'm showing you their character cards today.

Jersey Banner Strives for invisibility in a town that hates her, but don’t say anything about her sister, or her gloves will come off. Comic loving, fandom nerd who has her own talent for drawing comic book characters. Song that should be about her: Those words cut deep but they don't mean you're all alone, and you're not invisible— “Invisible” performed by Hunter Hayes

Favorite Food: Chocolate Crinkles Favorite Color: Red Favorite Place: The bookstore Favorite Song: “If I Could Turn Back Time” - Cher Biggest Regret: Calling her dad…

Truck Dayton Determined to drag his brother away from the cliff. According to friends, he has a superhero complex requiring him to rescue everyone. Is afraid of horror films, but he'll deny it to the end of time. Song that should be about him: Oh, that girl needs a superhero, walk up to her, pull her in real close — “Superhero” performed by Brett Eldredge Favorite Food: Burger and tots Favorite Color: Whatever Jersey is wearing Favorite Place: On a boat Favorite Song: “Good Vibes” - Chris Janson Biggest Regret: Leaving his brother


They’re coming! I promise. But we've had some snags with LIFE and the CRAZINESS that is our world. I still don't have dates for you, but we're hoping to start uploading Rock Album to Audible in the next week or so, and then it'll be a 3 week wait for them to "approve" it. My Life as a Mixtape will be a couple weeks after that, and then in early summer, the entire BOX SET will be on audiobook! AND, GUESS WHAT? It will INCLUDE the exclusive short, This Life with Cam, because my narrator, Sarah Puckett ROCKS and is helping it come to life. We're picking narrators for BLAKE soon, soon, soon!! Gosh dang it, I love Sarah. Did you know she started a whole company with narrators working with her? It's called Pink Flamingo Productions. Sarah is like the superstar of the narrating world right now.


SERIOUSLY! THESE BOOKS! I'm diving in as soon as they hit the "virtual" shelves.

Kelsey Kingsley's The Life We Have (TLWH) which is a spin-off from The Life We Wanted (TLWW) is due out April 10th. Kelsey is one of my very dear writer-y friends, but our readers also think our writing style is similar. So, if you like me, you'll probably like her, too. If you haven't read The Life We Wanted, it's okay, you don't need to in order to enjoy TLWH, but YOU SHOULD READ IT ANYWAY. The Life We Have is about the son of the main character in TLWW, and his story is a male / male romance. That might not be your cup of tea, but I can guarantee that the words will be heartwarmingly gorgeous, because Kelsey wrote them.

Amy Harmon's Where the Lost Wander is coming on April 28th, the day before Avenged's release. And, do I really need to say anything more than AMY HARMON?! Really, people, if you have not read her... I just can't. GO BUY HER BOOKS! You will not be disappointed. Maybe start with What the Wind Knows or Making Faces. Seriously. Anywho... this story is a historical fiction book set on the Oregon Trail. It's an epic and haunting love story about a family and their unlikely protector. I cannot wait to read it. One of the books I've been looking forward to ALL YEAR LONG.

Finally, we have Maria Luis's RTF. What? What's RTF? I have NO CLUE. She's been teasing us about the titles for her Broken Crown Trilogy for awhile now. I am soooo looking forward to this series because it's Maria! And also because it's a royal dark romance. Yep. I can't wait. The first book releases April 30th, right on the other side of Avenged's release. Avenged is sandwiched inbetween TWO INCREDIBLE books!! Lucky me and lucky Avenged. What has Maria told us? Well it's about: Three brothers. Three loyalties. One vow to the crown. Each book will follow another Priest brother, and she's starting with Saxon. It's dark, it's gritty, and it's a totally unexpected ride from beginning to end. You can sign up for updates & Release Alert: http://bit.ly/BrokenCrown-ReleaseAlert or Add RTF to your GR: http://bit.ly/RTF-GR


Okay, I think that's it for today. Birthday Madness, Sales, Pre-order deals, Audiobooks and all! Wow, that was a lot. Maybe, it's a good thing we're all staying at home because I'm not sure how I would have gotten it all done if I'd been with the little kiddos each day. Phew. Bright side, people. Gotta think about the bright side every day. One more thing before I go, I've picked the MARCH SUBSCRIBER WINNER for a signed paperback by moi! Did you know that just for being subscribed to my newsletter, you're entered each month into a giveaway for a signed paperback by met? Nothing more to do than sign up and keep reading my emails so that you don't get dropped like a hot potato when you don't open them. LOL. This month's winner is Terra at aoenning. And she's already got her book coming to her in the mail. Maybe, you really should sign up for my newsletter? http://bit.ly/LJEBooksnl That's it for me. I’m off to work on Holiday Album... I know it isn't out till December, but I have to write while I've got the time. Hee. I've included a link below to the song that has been in my heart the last few days. WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING TO? Would you pop by my reader's group and let me know? I need some new recommendations.

Readers's Group: LJ's Music and Stories

Hope you enjoy your day, and…

HAPPY READING! LJ"𝓌𝒽𝑒𝓇𝑒 𝓂𝓊𝓈𝒾𝒸 & 𝓈𝓉𝑜𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓈 𝒸𝑜𝓁𝓁𝒾𝒹𝑒"

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