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LJ Evans Anchor Novels were chosen as finalists in the 2020 Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards!

Guarded Dreams was a finalist in both the romance AND women's fiction categories.

Avenged by Love was a finalist in the romance category.

The Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards are chosen by a panel of industry professionals for books considered to exemplify the best in their genre.

My Life as a Pop Album wins Romance Audiobook of the Year in the 2020 Independent Audiobook Awards

My Life as a Pop Album by LJ Evans and narrated by Sarah Pucket was chosen as the Romance Audiobook of the year in the 2020 Independent Audiobook Awards. Ms. Puckett was nominated six times in the awards including two times for My Life as a Pop Album both in the romance category and the female narrator of the year category.

The Independent Audiobook Awards honors the best in independent audiobook production and performance. A proud part of the HEAR Now Festival.

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LJ Evans interviewed on Wrote Podcast

Listen to the podcast to hear LJ talk about:

How music inspires her

♬ How romance gets a bad rap

♬ How the romance genre is changing

♬ How her characters live live resiliently

♬ Her answers to Vance & Baz's questions about her life & her writing

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LJ Evans interviewed on USA Today's Happy Ever After

Read the interview to see LJ's answers to about:

My Life as a Mixtape

How she's inspired

♬ Authors she fangirls over

♬ Favorite career moments

♬ Pets that interrupt her day

♬ Bad hair moments of the 90's

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LJ Evans in Love & Lace InK. Holiday 2018 Issue

Read how holiday music inspires LJ Evans, learn more about the audiobook for MY LIFE AS A COUNTRY ALBUM, and see the music that inspires the series. See the Love & Lace FB page for more 

Love & Lace Holiday 2018 Cover LJ Evans
Pop Album & Rock Album Are Finalists in Annual Awards

Honored that this series is still winning awards! MY LIFE AS A POP ALBUM was a finalist in the 2018 BookLife Prize by Publisher's Weekly in the Romance category. MY LIFE AS A ROCK ALBUM was a finalist in the 2018 IAN Book of the Year Awards in the Women's Fiction category.

Finalist in 2018 National Indie Excellence Awards

MY LIFE AS A COUNTRY ALBUM to have been selected as a Finalist in the Young Adult category for the 2018 National Indie Excellence Awards.

LJ Evans Featured in Double the Book February Issue

Read who are LJ Evans favorite characters to write about and the impact of the stories in her life.

MY LIFE AS A COUNTRY ALBUM takes Book of the Year

MY LIFE AS A COUNTRY ALBUM awarded The Independent Author Network's 1st Place - Young Adult Outstanding Fiction and 2nd place in overall Fiction Book of the Year.

LJ Evans Celebrates with Amy Harmon

Honored to be a part of the celebration for Amy Harmon's new book, THE SMALLEST PART by reading "a small part" of MY LIFE AS A POP ALBUM.

MY LIFE AS A POP ALBUM nominated for Contemporary Fiction Novel of the Year

POP ALBUM was nominated in the 7th Annual UTOPiA Awards for Contemporary Fiction Novel of the Year along with other amazing book by authors like Amy Harmon and Karen McManus.

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MY LIFE AS A POP ALBUM featured in Love Notes

True Story Book Blog featured a Love Note from Derek Waters to Mia Phillips in their February Love Notes from Book Boyfriends marathon. Read the entire note on the blog.

LJ Evans is Many Books Author of the Day

Read how music inspires LJ Evans writing and how who influenced the characters in her story.

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