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TLOYL Maddox Hatley Character Card Rev 2.jpg

Maddox Hatley

His love of Tennessee, his family, and his community runs through him like a brand. He spends his nights with memories of a woman whom he can’t let go of.

Song that should be about him:
— “Ain’t Always the Cowboy” by Jon Pardi
“That restless runnin’
Searchin’ for somethin’.”

Favorite Food: Mama’s pies.
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Place: Next to his girls
Favorite Song: “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train
Biggest Regret: Letting McK say goodbye without a fight.

Maddox was inspired by Stephen Amell. You can see more of his inspiration on my Pinterest board

TLOYL McKenna Lloyd Character Card.jpg

McKenna Lloyd

Is determined to be the adult who changes the life of at least one child. She gave up everything good (and bad) in her life to make this dream a reality.

Song that should be about her:
— “Better Than We Found It” by Maren Morris
“When time turns this moment to dust,
I just hope that I’m proud of the woman I was.”

Favorite Food: Eva’s pies
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Place: The hallow
Favorite Song: “Little by Little” by Joel Taylor
Biggest Regret: Giving up Maddox.

McKenna was inspired by Florence Pugh. 
You can see more of her inspiration on my Pinterest board

TLOYL Mila Hatley Character Card.jpg

Mila Hatley 

Loves her family, rainbows, unicorns, and horses in equal measure.

Favorite Food: Bacon
Favorite Color: Rainbows. She can’t, can’t, can’t pick one.
Favorite Place: On a horse
Favorite Book: The Day the Unicorns Saved the World



Elle Dioli Character Card

Elle Dioli

Nature-loving, sunshine girl determined to see the positive of the world around her even when she’s lived most of her life isolated from others. Has a secret that could destroy her world if others found out.

Song that should be about her:

— “Make a Little Wave” by Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

“They say the beat of a butterflies wings can set off a storm.”

Favorite Food: Flower-shaped sugar cookies

Favorite Color: Pink…all the shades

Favorite Place: In the willow tree.

Favorite Song: “Get to Know Me” by Alesso and Anitta

Biggest Regret: Singing to the moon…

Hudson Domigues Character Card

Hudson Domingues

Charming, yoga instructor and sort-of famous theater major who thrives on honesty, beauty, and the belief in others. He’s determined to protect everyone he loves.

Song that should be about him:

— “Man of the Year” by Leroy Sanchez

“Every minute, hour, day, and night, I'll show you that your love is worth the price.”

Favorite Food: Feijoada

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Place: Woodworking shop

Favorite Song: “Little Lion Man” by Mumford & Sons

Biggest Regret: Not forcing his sister to open up…

Elle Dioli Collage.jpg
Hudson Domingues Collage.jpg


Coming Soon
After All the Wreckage Rory Character Card.jpg

Rory Marlowe Bishop

Private investigator with a serious Veronica Mars addiction. Will provide snark at no cost. She’s determined to keep the remains of her family together no matter what and still has a secret crush on a man she’s loved since she was a teenager.

Song that should be about her:

— “Rebel Girl” by Survivor
“The wild one no one dared to tame. And the light in her eyes is a fire.”

Favorite Food: Food? Who has time for food.
Favorite Color: Black… and blue… and purple…
Favorite Place: Behind a computer, hacking away
Favorite Song: “Broken” by The Guess Who
Biggest Regret: Getting caught in the senator’s office.

After All the Wreckage Gage Character Card.jpg

Gage Palmer

Broody bar owner raising his two siblings. He’s given up his dreams to ensure they can have theirs and to protect them from the abilities their mother gifted them. He thinks he has to go it alone until a woman from his past walks into his bar and shakes him to his core.

Song that should be about him:
— “Man Against the World” by Survivor
“Will I find sanctuary in your arms?”

Favorite Food: Pancakes
Favorite Color: Once she walks in, it’s purple.
Favorite Place: Riding his motorcycle

Favorite Song: “Wreckage” by Nate Smith
Biggest Regret: Not taking his brother to D.C.

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