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Tripped by Love

Great love demands risking a great fall!

He’s a broody bodyguard with secrets he can’t share.

She’s a busy single mom with a restaurant to run.

They’re just friends until a little white lie changes everything.

Marco Hernandez is the somber trainer here only to bend my body into shape, but when the perfectly sculpted man holds my son in his arms and smiles, I’m a goner. Weak legs. Pounding veins. Too bad as my brother’s bodyguard, he’ll never look at me the way I crave. Too bad I don’t have the time between the café and my baby boy to persuade him otherwise.


Cassidy O’Neil has looked like an angel from the moment I met her…an angel I can’t touch. Not only because she’s my boss’s sister but because I’m still trying to redeem myself for the sins of my past. The tantalizing mirage of “family” she represents will remain just that―a dream-like apparition.


Until her ex returns trying to claim the son he never wanted, and I’m the one who shows him the door. The lie that falls from my lips while trying to protect her threatens the tenacious balance we’ve established.


Once it’s Cassidy’s heart on the line, how will I defend her? Especially if I’m the one putting it at risk.


Inspired by Ingrid Andress’s “We’re Not Friends,” this achingly tender, slow-burn, small-town romance from award-winning author LJ Evans has loveable characters, deep emotions, and a windy path to creating a family.

Genre: contemporary romance, military, small-town, single-parent

Series: standalone, an Anchor novel

Pages: 370

Release Date: January 12, 2022

Available: eBook, paperback, and hardback

Other Books in Series: Guarded DreamsForged by Sacrifice, Avenged by Love, Damaged Desires, Branded by a SongUnmasked Dreams, Crossed by the Stars


  • Full of heart, a little steam, humor, and so much heartwarming sweetness, you'll love every second you spend in this unforgettable, unputdownable, phenomenal read!” BookAddict Reads


  • Sweet, steamy, and emotionally satisfying.” Angela’s Book Addiction


  • A slow-burn romance was filled with heart.” Goodreads Reviewer


  • The warmth, love and happy vibes this book radiates is a perfect way for me to start 2022.” BookBub Reviewer


  • “This story is classic LJ with song lyrics for chapters, great characters, witty banter, sizzling chemistry, intriguing storylines, and a variety of emotions! This book is a must read!” Goodreads Reviewer.


  • A beautiful story of healing, of heart, of untold strength, of family, and so much love. LJ Evans stories are so beautifully told you can’t help but live them right along with the characters.” Carol’s Crazy Bookish World


  • “[Has] an effervescent vibrancy tangible through every extraordinary word!” Goodreads Reviewer.


  • “One beautiful book that will grab ahold of your heart and not let go.” Author Michelle Helen Fritz


  • The perfect friends-to-lovers story.” Josie’s Book Nook.


  • “Absolutely loved this book. It’s sweet, slow burn, funny and just passionate. I couldn’t put this book down and when I did I swooned over Marco.”  Me, Myself, and Romance Books


  • So many beautiful words and truths written in the pages of this book. This one will stick with me for a long time.” Goodreads Reviewer


  • The family dynamics in the book are second to none, and you feel like you're a part of it. The slow-burn and chemistry between Marco and Cassidy had me on the edge of my seat.” Goodreads Reviewer


  • Evans’s elegant storytelling infuses emotion and intensity to bring the reader into her characters’ lives.” Brayzen Bookwrym


  • “I am wowed and amazed by this author’s words, by her storytelling skills, by her talented mind. My heart is bursting at the seams with love and joy and emotion after reading this beautifully penned story.” Goodreads Reviewer


  • “Tripped by Love is a touching novel about letting go, about forgiveness of yourself and your mistakes, and about opening yourself up to let love and light into your life.” BookBub Reviewer


  • “I am not sure how or why but LJ’s characters always ALWAYS burrow into my heart and just stay there.” BookBub Reviewer


  • “It filled my heart with joy and left me with a feeling of hope that has been missing for a while.”  BookBub Reviewer


  • “LJ’s books read like she lives the story and not just writes it, and that’s what makes her books some of my favorites of all of the books I’ve read.” Goodreads Reviewer



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