Unmasked Dreams

She was never supposed to be mine.

A daring and decadent romantic suspense that whirls the reader around the globe and back.

Violet Banner was under-aged and off-limits when she and Dawson Langely first met. It didn’t stop him from leaving a brand on her heart that followed her to college. Five years later, she’s come home to find him living under the same roof, and it feels like nothing has changed. Except for the science lab she’s built in the garage and the secrets he’s keeping.


After years of fighting off the tantalizing connection between them, Dawson isn’t sure he’ll be able to restrain himself once grownup Violet lands back in his world. Even the nearly deadly mistakes of their past and the three separate lives he’s leading might not be enough to prevent him from touching her.


When the clandestine activity surrounding his international boat race tangles Violet in its grasp, she can’t help wondering if Dawson is the villain of the story.


Only one thing is certain: there’s nothing he won’t do to keep her safe…even if it means making her his.


Inspired by Daughtry’s “What About Now,” comes a determined scientist and a broody bad-boy-turned-hero who just might leave their mark on you in this adventurous, standalone, slow burn from award-winning author, LJ Evans.

Genre: contemporary romance, romantic suspense, new adult, second chance

Series: standalone, an Anchor novel

Pages: TBD

Release Date: April 5, 2021

Available: eBook, paperback, and hardback

Other Books in Series: Guarded DreamsForged by Sacrifice, Avenged by Love, Damaged Desires, Branded by a Song


Magnetic. Electrifying. Two opposites with an undeniable attraction you won’t be able to put aside.” – Michelle the PA

 “Smart and sexy and just everything I love in a romance book!” – What’s Emily Reading

“The push and pull between these two is agonizingly delicious.” – BookBub Review.

A roller coaster ride of emotions with twists and turns that are sure to leave you gasping. – BookBub Review

“This book has all the feels. Intelligent leads, strong unbreakable females, suspense, and of course love!” – Goodreads Review

“A story of true love being ready to wait.” – Carol’s Reviews

 “A thrilling ride… with two of my favorite characters this year!” – Bex Book Revieux’s

“I was invested from page 1 and couldn’t love Dawson and Violet more.” – Goodreads Review

“I could actually feel the heat coming off the pages of this book.” – Love 2 Read

They're chemistry and attraction is palpable.” – Paula Loves Her Books

“The writing style is captivating and keeps you craving more. A beautiful romantic suspense novel.” – Digital Dirty Girl

“This was a WILD adventure!” – The Guide to Romance Novels

“The story was sexy and fun, full of mystery, intrigue, and adventure.” – Angela’s Book Addiction



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She was never supposed to be mine.

🕴 Tortured Bad Boy

👩‍🔬 Quirky Scientist

🚤 Int’l Boat Races

💣 Crime Syndicates

💔 Second Chance

🔥 Slow Burn

🎼 Standalone

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