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Here are all the FREEBIES you can get from LJ! They require you to subscribe to her newsletter in order to download them via BookFunnel, but that's okay, right? I mean, when you get her newsletter, you'll get a music-inspired scene written by LJ each week, the scoop on her new releases, sales, and other hot book world news. So hopefully, you'll think it's worth it. Each picture below will take you to the BookFunnel page where you can subscribe (and if you're already subscribed, you can just download).


Rumor short story freebie with bookfunnel link
A New-Year's Eve, second chance flash fiction story with a rock star and his best friend's sister.
Love Ain't my life as an album short with bookfunnel link
A bad break up makes Reese realize just what her long-time friend, Dalton Abbott really means to her. A flash-fiction, small-town short story.
The Long Con eBookCover with link to download for free
A swoony, antihero HEA flash fiction inspired by Taylor Swift’s "Cowboy Like Me" with a sexy, con artist and a long lost heiress.
Perfectly Fine FINAL Kindle cover
An A-list actor and a determined screenwriter get a Hollywood-style HEA in this novella inspired by Taylor Swift’s "Mr. Perfectly Fine."


After All the Wreckage Bonus Epilogue link to bookfunnel
A swoony bonus epilogue with Rory reassuring Gage after her not-so-surprise party goes all wrong
TLOYL Bonus Epilogue and link to bookfunnel download
An extended bonus epilogue for Maddox, McKenna, and Mila's HEA story five years after they come together
The Last Promise You Made bonus epilogue cover with link
Bonus epilogue for Ryder and Gia showing her fear of bats and him tempting her with olallieberry pie.
The Light Princess Fairy Tale Book Cover
A princess who glows with a magical light, a kingdom at war, and a kiss that changes the world.
A fairy tale from Charming & The Cherry Blossom


Swan River Prequel Cover with yellow daisies and singer shadow
The entire SWAN RIVER PREQUEL with the entire day Landry Kim is murdered from all the band members POV, including Landry. Ends on a cliffhanger.
Swan River Daisies Bonus Material with link to bookfunnel
An excerpt from the Swan River prequel as a bonus to Sweet Memory. Shares just the band members POV
The Painted Daisies Bonus Material Cover
Check-in with The Painted Daisies and the men who have pledged allegiance to them in this sweet bonus after all five stories are complete.


Disguised as Love bonus epilogue cover and link
Raisa & Cruz's 1 year anniversary comes with an abundance of surprises.
Crossed by the Stars bonus epilogue cover
Swoony bonus epilogue with Jada and Dax and a unique scene with Kaida Ito!
Unmasked Dreams bonus epilogue new cover image
A sexy bonus look at Dawson and Violet with a hint of Jada's story.
Unmasked Dreams bonus sample cover with link to bookfunnel
A first look at Dawson and Violet's story with bonus scenes not included in any other book.


Tripped by Love Bonus Epilogue cover and bookfunnel link
Heartwarming bonus epilogue with Cassidy, Marco, and a hint at my next series!
Branded by a Song Bonus Bonus Epilogue link
A swoony extra of Brady & his lady love plus sneak peek of Unmasked Dreams
Damaged Desires Bonus Epilogue
Extra words of Dani & Nash + a look at Brady and his lady love in Branded by a Song.
Avenged by Love_Bonus Epilogue cover and link to bookfunnel
Extra words of Truck and Jersey + a look at Dani & Nash in Damaged Desires
Forged by Sacrifice Bonus Epilogue with link to bookfunnel
Extra words of Mac & Georgie + a look at Truck & Jersey in Avenged by Love
Forged by Sacrifice Bonus Prequel Scenes with link to bookfunnel
How Mac & Georgie first met, plus the first few chapters
Anchor Novel Love Letters bonus material with bookfunnel link
Love Letters written by characters from six books in the series


My Life as an Album Series Bonus Epilogue Cover link to bookfunnel
Catch up with all the characters ten years after the stories end
My Life as an Album Series Love Letters link to BookFunnel
Love Letters written by characters in each book in the series
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