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The Anchor Novels from award-winning author, LJ Evans, is an interconnected, standalone series with military heroes, independent heroines, heartfelt slow burns, true friends, real "family", and dreams reshaped along this wild ride called life. Filled with vivid, endearing characters, these HEAs might just carve a spot in your heart and then stay there forever.

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The Anchor Series Box Set


A soul-tugging, standalone romance between a broody, military man and a spirited, musician who threatens everything he’s built.


Serious, by-the-book Eli Wyatt has life all figured out. He’s got a five-year plan, his future in the Coast Guard, and friends who always have his back.


And then Ava Abrams breezes into his life one summer day and tempts him in ways he can’t shake.


A free spirit, Ava’s on the run, heading in the direction of her dreams. She's set her heart on Juilliard and country music stardom, not a happily ever after with a man she’s just met. Still, there’s something about Eli’s commanding presence that demands her soul take note.


Just as they start to fall, her past forces them into a goodbye that leaves only the memories of a fairytale summer and the bitter taste of what could have been.


Four years later, Eli stumbles into a bar with Ava on stage. And once again, she’s like a siren calling to him.


Will he make the same mistake and let her slip away? Or will he build a new dream with her at its center?


Inspired by Luke Bryan’s “Sunrise, Sunburn Sunset,” comes a slow burn, summer beach read about dreams lost and remade with vibrant characters, beautiful friendships, and families made along the way.

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and hardback

Guarded Dreams


A breathtaking, friends-to-lovers standalone romance between a driven military man and the law student he can’t afford to love.


Leaving his Navy career behind, Mac Whittaker is ready to join his family on Capitol Hill and pursue the political dream he’s had since childhood. His goals are just within reach, and all he needs to complete them is a woman he adores at his side.

Georgie Astrella is just getting her life back on track after putting aside her own goals for years. She isn’t looking for love, a man, or anything that might deviate her from her given course. She plans on losing herself in the law and nothing else.

After sharing an intoxicating kiss at their friends’ beach house, Mac and Georgie run in opposite directions determined not to let mere attraction shift their futures.

But Fate has other ideas, throwing them together until neither can walk away without losing a piece of their souls. But when her family’s past promises to make his future an impossibility, they’ll have to decide just what they’re willing to sacrifice for love.

Inspired by Lewis Capaldi’s “Bruises,” comes a heart-warming, friends-to-lovers romance about dreams and family with vibrant characters on an emotional journey you won’t want to miss.

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and hardback



A heartfelt, small-town standalone between a protective, military man and a comic-loving, book store clerk who has an entire town against her.


Travis Dayton, a.k.a. Truck, is focused on two things: his Coast Guard career and his younger brother’s future. So even though the ethereal Jersey Banner is tugging at his heartstrings, he refuses to get sidetracked.

Jersey has been struggling to keep her family afloat ever since their dad went to jail. This means the pain she feels on a regular basis isn’t anything she can stop to think about. Not even when she ends up at the emergency room in the arms of the one man who makes her pulse beat faster than the superheroes she worships.

When Jersey finds herself in desperate need of medical care she can’t afford, Truck does the only thing he can to help… he marries her.

As hearts and lives begin to twine, their temporary deal starts to crumble until there’s little chance of escape without permanent damage. Not unless they just surrender to it all and let love heal them both.

Inspired by Lady A’s “Ocean” this soul-tugging, slow-burn romance from award-winning author LJ Evans is full of vibrant characters, emotional journeys, and happiness you’ll feel in your bones, proving that love truly is the only real superpower.

CW: Contains nongraphic parental abuse.

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and hardback



An electric, second-chance standalone between a broody Navy SEAL and his best friend’s fiery sister.


Dani Whittaker has turned in her Washington D.C. insider badge, leaving behind the backstabbing ways and seedy politicians. When a friendly favor ends with the one man she can’t have making her body sing in ways she hates to adore, D.C. isn’t the only thing she needs to escape.

Navy SEAL, Nash Wellesley, is all about honoring a promise to his dead brother, so accepting a dare from the long-legged force of nature tempting him isn’t in the cards. Not if he wants to keep his only remaining friend and stick to the code he grew up on.

But retreat is impossible after Dani’s new job puts her in the headlights of a fanatic, and Nash is called upon to protect her.

When the chase ends, will they be left shattered or will they emerge from the ashes together?

Inspired by Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams, comes a standalone, bodyguard romance about the triumphant healing power of love that just might make you laugh, tear your heart out, and slowly combust. Are you ready for it?”

CW: Contains nongraphic assault flashbacks not involving the hero.

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and hardback



A soul-tugging standalone with a country-rock legend searching for more and a solemn, single-mom determined to honor her lost husband.


Brady O’Neil tells the world he’s returning to upstate New York to help his sister. While it’s the truth, he’s also hoping to rediscover the soul of his music. When he goes to his mentor for help, he finds a woman trapped in the past instead. A woman who makes him want to stay like never before.


Losing her grandmother feels like yet another blow the world has dealt Tristan. Keeping the music store and her daughter afloat is all she can focus on, and Grams’ beloved student sauntering in doesn’t change anything. He’s just another adventure she can’t afford.


When Tristan has to concede that Brady holds the solution to her troubles, she’s determined it won’t mean giving him access to her heart. After all, she buried that bruised organ alongside her husband years ago.


Can Brady convince her that hearts can sing more than one love song?


Inspired by Chris Janson's "Done,” comes a heartfelt, small-town romance about the lyrical, healing power of love with vibrant characters that might leave a permanent mark on your soul.

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and hardback



He’s a broody bodyguard with secrets he can’t share.

She’s a busy single mom with a restaurant to run.

They’re just friends until a little white lie changes everything.


Marco Hernandez is the somber trainer here only to bend my body into shape, but when the perfectly sculpted man holds my son in his arms and smiles, I’m a goner. Weak legs. Pounding veins. Too bad as my brother’s bodyguard, he’ll never look at me the way I crave. Too bad I don’t have the time between the café and my baby boy to persuade him otherwise.


Cassidy O’Neil has looked like an angel from the moment I met her…an angel I can’t touch. Not only because she’s my boss’s sister but because I’m still trying to redeem myself for the sins of my past. The tantalizing mirage of “family” she represents will remain just that―a dream-like apparition.


Until her ex returns trying to claim the son he never wanted, and I’m the one who shows him the door. The lie that falls from my lips while trying to protect her threatens the tenacious balance we’ve established.


Once it’s Cassidy’s heart on the line, how will I defend her? Especially if I’m the one putting it at risk.


Inspired by Ingrid Andress’s “We’re Not Friends,” this achingly tender, slow-burn, ex-military romance has loveable characters, deep emotions, and a windy path to creating a family.

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and hardback

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