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Heartfelt standalone HEAs with protective heroes, independent heroines, steamy slow burns, and family you'll want as friends.

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LJ Evans Book Coming Soon AATW
LJ Evans Book Coming Soon Ryder Hatley


the last one you loved hardback cover graphic with link


Between my badge, my daughter, and my hometown, I’ve got a busy life. It’s a mostly happy one. But late at night, when the house is quiet, I still see her face. McKenna may have left me and this town behind a decade ago, but a century wouldn’t be long enough to get over her.

There’s only one thing worse than never seeing her again. If she came back, the secret I’ve been keeping would destroy lives. Mine included. As long as she stays gone, everyone is safe.


When my world catches fire, destroying the dreams I’ve sacrificed so much for, there’s only one place I can think to go. One man I can run to. But going back is no homecoming. Sheriff Maddox Hatley hasn’t forgotten me. And he sure hasn’t forgiven me either.

He’s hiding something beneath all that anger. I think I’ll stick around until I find out what it is.

Inspired by Jon Pardi’s “Ain’t Always the Cowboy” and Lee Brice’s “Memory I Don’t Mess With,” this second-chance, single-dad, forced-proximity love story will tug at your soul, make you laugh and cry, and leave you with a smile on your face.

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and audiobook



Charming and the Cherry Blossom 3d hardback cover image

Today was a fairy tale…

I inherited a fortune from a dad I never knew,

And a thoroughly charming guy asked me out.


Unfortunately, my fairy tale could disappear in ninety days...

Because there’s an impossible task to complete,

And a greedy cousin plotting against me.


Plus, I’m not your typical fairy tale princess.

I have a secret that might send my charming running,

And threatens my future if the press finds out.


If today was a fairy tale…

Why does my happily ever after look so far out of reach?


A contemporary romance filled with all the magic, hope, and love of a fairy tale plus the slow-burn, old-soul vibe her fans adore. Inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Today Was a Fairytale,” this small-town romance is pure escapism.


Grab it today and see why Writer’s Digest chose it as Romance of the Year in their 2021 Self-Published E-book Awards.

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and hardback



In a world that loves its villains, choose to be the hero.

Single Dad

Broody Bar Owner
Scrappy PI

Small Town
Secret Pining

No Third-act Breakup
Teen Friends to Adult Lovers
illed Family Saga

Romantic Suspense
Standalone HEA
Hint of Paranormal

COMING SOON TO: eBook and paperback



LJ Evans Book Coming Soon Ryder Hatley
Coming Soon

Coming soon from LJ Evans, return to Willow Creek and the Hatley Family Ranch in this STANDALONE HEA with:

Single Dad

Growly Cowboy

Feisty Undercover Agent

Forced Proximity

Small Town

Second Chance

No Third-act Breakup
Endless Sibling Ribbing

Heart-filled Family Saga

Romantic Suspense

COMING SOON TO: eBook and paperback

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