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With an all-female rock band and the alpha heroes who steal their hearts, this romantic suspense series might just leave you breathless. Each full-length novel has a different HEA couple and a completed suspense plot, but the series is best read from book one to keep track of the overarching murder mystery.
"I pledge allegiance to her...and only her."

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A second-chance, opposite-sides-of-the-track story.

The world’s most beloved rock star falls for a troubled music producer whose past comes back to haunt them.


As the youngest member of The Painted Daisies, keyboardist Paisley Kim’s entire life revolves around writing songs and playing music. It’s easy for her to fall head over heels for producer Jonas Riccoli from the moment he enters her life. Amidst their fiery arguments about music and lyrics, it feels like he’s the only one who sees beyond her stage fright and shyness to the bold, brave musician she wants to become.

However, not everyone in the band is happy for the new couple. When her sister, Landry, warns her to stay away from the troubled producer, Paisley doesn’t listen, and her sister pays the price.

Jonas thinks Paisley is the woman he could spend his future with, until his past catches up to him and Landry is murdered. He blames himself, and so does the brokenhearted Paisley, who walks out of his life without looking back.

But when she decides to offer herself up as bait to catch the killer, Jonas returns to Paisley’s side. There’s no way he’s going to let her face the danger alone. He’ll be there to keep her safe even if she doesn’t want him, even if it means his own destruction.


Inspired by Harry Styles' "Sweet Creature."

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and coming soon to audiobook



An enemies-to-lovers, single-dad romance.

He did it. She’ll prove it. Her body’s reaction to him be damned

A fiery rock star and a ruthless businessman battle to expose each other’s secrets.


The only family The Painted Daisies singer and harpist Fiadh Kane has left in this world is her band. When their leader―her best friend who stood by her through the worst―is killed, she’s determined to find who did it and make him pay. 

Fiadh is convinced the band’s new label owner knows more about the murder than he’s shared. She plans to reveal Asher’s skeletons by any means possible, even if it means using the magnetic lure blooming between them in ways she never expected. 

Asher Riggs is paying penance for the sins of his youth. Raising his daughter and securing his company’s future are his only priorities. He certainly won’t be giving in to the wild temptress of a musician who lights a fire in his blood that’s a convoluted mix of lust and fury.

When a freak snowstorm forces Asher to take the brazen rock star to his home, the ice outside can’t tame the heat that ignites…or the shadows that come lurking.

But if they can’t find a way to trust each other with their secrets and their hearts, they’ll only be left with misery when the blizzard passes.


Inspired by The Brothers Bright's "Yours Alone."

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and coming soon to audiobook



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An opposites-attract, forbidden romance.

Having only one bed is no excuse to touch her…until touching is the only choice.

A quirky rock star and her fierce Secret Service agent fight an earth-shattering attraction while on the run.


Full blurb coming soon.


Inspired by Hearts' "Secret."

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and coming soon to audiobook



A frenemy, second-chance, celebrity romance.

She’ll never forgive him for humiliating her. Not even when he offers the answers her family desperately seeks.

A resilient rock star with a broken heart must rely on the sexy director who shattered it in order to find her sister.


Full blurb coming soon.


Inspired by Taylor Swift's "False God."

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and coming soon to audiobook



The stunning conclusion to The Painted Daisies…

"I pledge allegiance to her and only her."

An antihero, secret society romance.

He was ready to torture, steal, and kill to defend the world he believed in. What he wasn’t prepared for…was her.


Full blurb coming soon.


Inspired by Taylor Swift's "Mastermind."

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and coming soon to audiobook

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achingly heartfelt romance

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