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The Anchor Suspense Novels are emotional and fast-paced standalones with swoony romantic tension and heart-stopping danger. These decadent slow-burns will whirl you around the globe alongside their protective, billionaire heroes and feisty, genius heroines.
Can be read in any order, but best read from book one.

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Crossed by the Stars 3d hardback cover image
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He’s a daring boat racer deep undercover.

She’s a fiery genius holding out for a hero.

Can he keep her safe when she accidentally stumbles into his dark world?


Dawson Langley is living three separate lives and keeping secrets from those he loves most. Returning to New London and discovering Violet Banner managing the bed and breakfast he calls home isn’t just a problem, it’s a catastrophe because she’s the only person who’s ever seen right through him.


When Violet first met Dawson, he was a guilt-ridden boy who branded her heart without ever touching her. Five years later, she thinks she’s finally moved on, but one torturous skim of a hand proves nothing has changed. Except for the lab she’s built in the garage and the shadows lurking around him.


As the clandestine activities tangled around his racing world start to unravel, Dawson does everything he can to keep Violet out of harm's way. But after she stumbles upon the truth, the storm turns in her direction. Now there’s only one thing left to do…claim her as his and hope they can survive the swells together.


A daring and decadent, standalone between a broody bad-boy-turned-FBI-agent and a vibrant, tenacious scientist. Inspired by Daughtry’s “What About Now,” comes a slow-burn romance with heartfelt characters and an adventure that whirls the reader around the globe and back.

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and hardback



She’s an heiress with a target on her back.

He’s the sexy billionaire who broke her heart twice.

When her world explodes, she has no other choice but to trust him with her body and soul.


Dax Armaud has spent the last decade haunted by feelings for the one woman he can never have. Family secrets mean just being seen with a Mori is a dangerous dance let alone dating one. But a desperate call sends him spinning back into Jada’s life, and now he can’t walk away without leaving half his soul behind.


For years, Jada Mori fought the ties to her father’s world while healing a broken heart. She thought she’d finally escaped both until a shadow creeps out of her past seeking retribution. When Dax shows up trying to protect her, she’s determined to send him away before her mistakes destroy them.


Forced into hiding, the tantalizing desire hovering between them refuses to be ignored, and in the end, they’ll have to decide what matters most―family allegiances or a chance at a forever after.


An electric and heartfelt standalone romance inspired by Imelda May’s “Falling in Love with You Again,” with deep, relatable characters and a story you might never forget.

Start it today and see why The BookLife Prize from Publisher's Weekly rated it a 10/10!

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and hardback



He’s a surly undercover agent set in his ways.

She’s a genius scientist from the family he’s investigating.

One mistake can cost them everything, including their hearts.


After years working to bring the Leskov family down, Special Agent Cruz Malone is determined not to let the sexy, blonde scientist of the family stop him. Tying her to his side with a lie seems like his only option until having her there becomes his riskiest venture yet.


Avoiding her family’s criminal world was Raisa Leskov’s wish and her father’s command, so being summoned home comes with inherent danger. When a broody agent storms in promising to protect her, she lets him. But that doesn’t mean she’ll just sit back and watch while the infuriating man dismantles her world…or her heart.


An achingly emotional, slow-burn romantic suspense with a stubborn FBI agent and a feisty professor. Inspired by Demi Lovato’s “Kingdom Come,” this chemistry-filled, fast-paced story has surprises every step of the way.

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, paperback, and hardback

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